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Sunday 14 June 2009

The Times Reflects on Luton

The journalist David James Smith opens his article in today's Times by recounting a revolting incident in which a dunderheaded local white youth "fly-kicked" Lakhbir Singh in the back, having mistaken him for a Muslim. Thankfully, it seems that no lasting physical harm has been done to the Sikh Mayor of Luton. Smith then goes on to imply that the recent anti-Islamist demonstration in the town (initially planned by March for England which withdrew its support when it realised that it was likely to be hijacked by thuggish elements) that degenerated into a threatening mob incited by menacing masked football hooligans, was in some way associated with the BNP. It is of course the recent success of this party that has prompted Smith to write his piece.

Given that the BNP has repeatedly declared that it will use the ballot box alone and emphatically dissociates itself from violence of all sorts, Smith's attempt to attribute this disorder to the BNP is baseless. It would be more appropriate to lay the blame at the feet of the Government which continues to advocate limitless mass immigration, panders to Islam and enforces multiculturalism with ever-increasing fervour. Smith's piece indicates that he possesses not the slightest insight into the real, deep and justifiable sense of grievance felt by sections of the indigenous British population. The tired cliches of multicultural narrative are deployed in the requisite places: an enumeration of the successive waves of migrants who have settled in Luton; an attempt to portray Sayful Islam and his confederates as isolated extremists within a "moderate" Islamic community; the insinuation that the Lionheart blogger Paul Ray is guilty of "inciting racial hatred" and so on.

Smith's article attempts to retrieve and resurrect his tattered multicultural ideal through an embrace of the Islamist coloniser: "But it is the Asians, particularly the Muslims, who have made Bury Park their own, and turned it into a vibrant, dynamic outpost of south Asia. In a town of 184,000 people, around 35,000 are of south-Asian origin, and just under 30,000 are Muslim." As you can see from this quote, Smith has unwittingly acknowledged the de facto colonisation of this part of the town (i.e. "turned it into a vibrant, dynamic outpost of south Asia") but cannot bring himself to name this process. He also feels compelled to use that dreadful term beloved of the exponents of multiculturalism: "vibrant". Just what does "vibrant" mean, and why is this term never applied to our own people and culture?

Smith goes on to interview hatemonger Sayful Islam, the man behind the protest against the 10 March homecoming parade of the Anglian Regiment. Unsurprisingly, Smith's national self-loathing leads him to frame Sayful in a rosy aura: "Sayful Islam sounded measured and far from fanatical throughout our conversations." If Smith thinks that this sort of reporting and the sympathies that it betrays will help to combat the rise of the BNP, he is utterly delusional. This is evidently a piece written by a materially comfortable cossetted ageing trustafarian, who possesses the financial wherewithal necessary to insulate himself from the pathological aspects of enforced multiculturalism. Any chance that he lives next to Bury Park? Pah!

Reference: David James Smith,"Fear and hatred on the streets of Luton",


  1. Hello Durotrigan,

    Good blog. Good article. What a despicable read it was and what a warped view of our society multiculturalists like Smith have. I normally go into a detailed analysis of articles I review but this one would have ended up being over 20,000 words. I did capture the essence of it though, but although I never wrote on it, the "turned it into a vibrant, dynamic outpost of south Asia" part of the article did shock. Sadly, we are all expected to think "Oh, isn't that wonderful, look Luton's turning into Islamabad."

    There was just so much wrong with the article. Four pages of drivel and nothing more, from the viewpoint of someone who utterly loathes British Culture as well as someone being utterly and totally ignorant to what Islam is all about. This man is polluting society with his Anti British propaganda and the Times can't get enough of it sadly.

    The Destruction of Britain

  2. Welcome Winston,

    I'm glad that you've enjoyed what you've read. It would be most gratifying if D.J. Smith were to one day wake up and experience a Damascene conversion to writing truthfully about life in contemporary Britain, but somehow, I don't think that we're ever going to witness such a volte-face. Then again, if he should ever choose to spend any length of time living in, or next to, an "enriched" area, he might experience a "vibrant" physical exchange with one of our "far-from-fanatical" followers of the "religion of peace" residing in the said "dynamic outpost of south Asia". Such a hypothetical encounter might just bring him to his senses, or deprive him of them altogether.

    To think that he actually gets paid good money to write such tosh!

  3. Durotrigan,

    Sadly, our society is run by blind men with deaf ears. They live in Echelon Towers as far as possible from reality. Nothing has changed. From the battlefields of WW1 when the generals sat miles behind front lines drinking their wine and discussing frivolities, oblivious to the fact their orders were demolishing hundreds of thousands of young men, to today's Nulabour government and its incompetency.

    The problem is though that we don't know if they're ignorant to what's going on or they're actually planning this who fiasco in the first place in order to utterly obliterate the UK, Europe and the West. Time will tell where we're going to go.

    The Destruction of Britain


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