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Friday 19 June 2009

Hazel Blears: "Little Ray of Sunshine"?

Hazel "flipper" Blears has survived an attempt by members of her local Labour Party to deselect her as parliamentary candidate for Salford. It will be interesting to see in what fashion the constituents decide to annihilate her at the next General Election. Blears has been one of the most smug, irritating and unprincipled careerists in a Government which has been filled with smug, irritating and unprincipled careerists. If she truly is Labour's "little ray of sunshine", she's the UV ray that that causes the mutation that gives rise to malignant melanoma.

A Sunday Express poll last month named the BNP as the party that would win the seat with 38.4% of the vote if an election were to be held. This may well be overstating the case I suspect, but it will be very interesting indeed to see how many votes the BNP parliamentary candidate reaps in the constituency when the election eventually does come. If Blears does let the BNP in, she will for once have done our "communities" a great favour by letting someone into office who will be willing to address the problems that she and her kind have for so long pretended do not exist.


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