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Saturday 13 June 2009

The Ostrich and the Nationalist

Almost a week has passed since the BNP made a significant political breakthrough, and today, the Times and the Daily Mail have published some interesting pieces which go beyond the anti-BNP smear routine and search instead for some explanations. Some commentators it would seem, are beginning to acknowledge an unpleasant reality that only nationalist politics can change for the better.

Michael Collins and Max Hastings both recognise the core reasons underpinning the rise of the BNP:
  • Mass immigration on a scale and at a pace hitherto unknown
  • Enforced multiculturalism
  • A lack of a political voice in the mainstream political parties for the white working class, which has gone from being portrayed as "the salt of the Earth" to "the scum of the Earth"
  • The ability of much of the middle class to shield itself from the negative aspects of immigration which have been painfully experienced by the indigenous working class

Collins and Hastings look at this question from what I would term respectively traditional Labour and Conservative perspectives, but it is Michael Collins who truly understands and empathises with the ignored and demonised element of the indigenous population; for he, like myself, hails from such a background, and thus understands its culture and ways of thinking. Collins has perceptively written: "With multiculturalism came heavy-handed anti-discrimination laws and the McCarthyism of a race industry that appears to attach no value to a racist crime when the victim is white." Unlike Hastings, he is willing to acknowledge and name an ugly phenomenon in which many otherwise respectable and humane individuals feel free to invest their emotions and pent-up frustrations.

Collins is right to single out the necrotising influence of "race industry" McCarthyism on the national body politic, for it is something that increasingly permeates our working lives and acts as a poisonous influence in politics and the mainstream media, leading to the deliberate neglect of pressing and deeply difficult problems because people fear the stigma of being branded a 'racist'.

A nationalist of the level-headed sort, in other words, someone who attaches positive worth to membership of their own national community and wishes to advance the common weal of his or her compatriots whilst maintaining friendly relations with other nations, sees what is happening in the UK today and does not shy away from identifying and naming the unwelcome phenomena generated by mass immigration. On the other hand, we have people of an ostrich-like disposition, who when confronted with the facts choose to close their eyes, cover their ears and bury their heads in the sand. Alas, there is only so long that any creature can survive without drawing breath and leaving itself vulnerable to predators, so the poor ostrich will one day have to extract its head from the ground or die from oxygen starvation or predation.

Elements within the middle class are particularly prone to fall victim to the appeal of race-industry McCarthyism, and I was horrified this week to hear an otherwise friendly and seemingly rational colleague launch into a vitriolic attack on the "working-class scum" who had contributed to the election of a BNP MEP. Tellingly, he will never attack anyone else upon the basis of race or religion. We live in a society which sanctions and encourages self-hate. In officially endorsed demonology, only members of the white working class may be stripped of their humanity and declared personae non gratae in their homeland.

Michael Collins acknowledges the resonance of Enoch Powell's message amongst the older members of the working class, and although I was but a babe in arms when Powell made his most famous speech, I grew up in a Labour-voting family which always concurred that "Enoch was right". Such sentiments were of course declared beyond the pale at university, and it was there that I first encountered the middle-class guilt and national self-loathing that I found completely alien, and to which I have never been able to reconcile myself. As was the case for dissidents in the former Soviet Union, I have of necessity had to hide what I think to avoid losing my job and, in many instances, friends who have drunk deep of the well of national self-loathing. Such is the nature of the "world turned upside down" which has been created by the political elite over this past 40 years or so.

Will the age of the ostrich pass? I hope so, but I have my doubts; for nurturing the ostriches are the predators: the pullulating masses of the burgeoning Islamic colonies and the powerful globalist interest in the mainstream media. The Labour Party seems content to import voters from overseas to replace the indigenous working class from which it is increasingly alienated and, as Collins notes, "[i]t will take more than new homes and jobs to bring them back." Hopefully, Labour will have lost them for good, for it is unworthy of their support. Given that the Labour Party appears so intent upon governing a nation of Pakistanis, Somalis, etc, why don't its MPs and ministers seek office overseas, and leave us to mend our broken and ailing society?

Links: "The BNP rise is about identity", Michael Collins:

"BNP in power - immigration and this insidious conspiracy of silence", Max Hastings:

For a sympathetic treatment of the white working class detailing its marginalisation and demonisation read "The Likes of Us: A Biography of the White Working Class", Michael Collins, Granta Books, London, 2005.

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