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Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Rape: a 'Gift' from Norway's Multiculturalists

The following Norwegian news report on rape in Oslo is exceptionally sobering. Watch and reflect upon the repeated mantra of our own multiculutural political and media 'elite' that mass immigration from non-Western societies constitutes 'enrichment'. Is this assertion really credible? What is indisputable is that this immigration has done Norwegian society irreparable harm, and those who have enabled it - such as the Norwegian Labour Party - should finally acknowledge that this policy has been a failure. This policy must be reversed, and the women whose lives have been blighted by these crimes deserve an apology from those who put it into place and continue to support it.


  1. Another chilling post - a pity that the Biased Broadcasting Corporation does'nt highlight this as just one aspect why the citizens of Norway are fed up being used as an 'enrichment' experiment by their government........Changing the subject, i was intrigued by your blog title and saw that it refers to a geographical area - another side theory is that the hill forts associated with them, e.g. Maiden Castle resembled the fossilised Durotrigensia a genus of Ammonites.........just a theory.

  2. Somehow, I don't think that we can ever expect objective reporting from the BBC. Only if its personnel were to be replaced by non-NUJ compliant drones would there be any chance of it removing its blinkers.

    My blog is indeed named in honour of the Durotriges of the West Country, but I could quite equally have chosen the Belgae, Atrebates, Dobunni or Catuvellauni. I have yet to see a blog entitled 'Musings of an Atrebatian', although of course it could exist.

  3. Instant Islamization - The Jihad Tsunami that could hit Britain's shores.

    We are all aware of the threats of creeping shariah, and stealth jihad, but in fact the process of Islamisation of Britain could occur in months, rather than years.

    The Counterjihad is gathering strength more rapidly on the Continent than in Britain, with Continental Europeans rapidly running out of patience with their unwanted guests. It's only a matter of time before there's a Pan-European parasite-cleanse. When that happens, the evicted Muslims will move out, not back to their impoverished ancestral homelands, but to more 'tolerant' (ie suicidal) EU countries, where they will have a perfectly legal right to settle and vote.

    So when the shi'ite hits the fan in Germany, France, Holland, Belgium and Denmark (it will probably happen in very quick succession in all countries due to a domino effect), we can expect tens of millions of jihad-crazed 'EU citizens', with murderous resentments against all infidels, swarming out of the Channel Tunnel demanding their rights.

    Has the British government got any contingency plans for dealing with this catastrophe?

  4. Trencherbone,

    I follow GoV's newsfeed.. the migrant invasion had a common thread.. the desire to get to England as the final destination..

    I think your comment is spot on..

  5. Where are the Western Feminists? Where is their candle light vigil? Why arent' they marching to take back the streets?

    I guess their hatred of the West outweighs any other consideration. So what if the victims are women and the crime is rape.

  6. Where are the Western Feminists, with their candel light vigil? Where is their march to take back the streets?

    I guess it was all a ruse. They don't care about women at all; they care about destroying the West.

  7. That's a very good point Bob. It is a glaring omission on the part of Western Feminists that I've never been able to rationally comprehend. As you note however, this silence is rooted in their ethnic self-hatred, and demonstrates the shallowness of their thought. To be fair though, our education systems as well as our mainstream media and politicians intensively cultivate this sense of self-loathing, so they probably think that in some sense they 'deserve' the violence inflicted upon them by the 'wronged other'. Black is now white and white is now black. The world turned upside down indeed (even inside out perhaps?).


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