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Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Slay the Fascist Beast! Its Name is New Labour

The Labour Party is a shell: its form remains, but its contents have long since undergone a process of putrefaction and liquefaction. The antennae of this monstrous crustacean flicker and twitch as its fetid innards disintegrate and ooze outwards. Soon, the light will fade from the unfeeling gaze of its leader's single functioning eye as one mighty last spasm shatters its form into a myriad of stinking pieces.

Recent polls show Labour's support dissolving faster than any principles that its leading members may once have held. All that the ruling clique of this former representative party possess in abundance is the will to power (or should that be the will not to be dislodged from power?).

Having feathered comfortable nests for themselves within the state (what remains of it) apparatus of the United Kingdom, these self-serving, self-interested agents of national dissolution, globalisation and Islamisation are rattled by the prospect of losing office. They may possess power in the formal sense of the term, but all authority they have lost, except in the eyes of their globalist admirers in the EU, the US of A and the behemoth corporate players of the transnational financial system. That the electorate of the United Kingdom is currently in a furiously febrile mood fuelled by the recent parliamentary expenses scandal is beyond doubt, but quite how this shall manifest itself at the forthcoming polls for the EU Parliament on 4 June it is difficult to divine.

The question of the abuse of expenses is but the latest in a litany of indignities heaped upon the electorate by the current Labour administration: national bankruptcy; the erosion of civil liberties; the curtailment of free speech; the ceding of sovereignty to Brussels; historically unprecedented levels of immigration; cronyism; the politicisation of the police; pointless wars; ongoing privatisation and Harman's legislation promoting active discrimination against indigenous heterosexual males. This collection of misdeeds is staggering in its scope, scale and application. That this Government has survived so long as it has is testimony to the forbearance of the average UK elector, but also to the unrepresentative nature of an electoral system that delivers a healthy majority to a political party that received only 35.3% of the votes cast at the last General Election, representing a mere 22% of the electorate.

It is well known that the parliamentary Labour Party is unrepresentative of its activist base, and that its leadership is in turn unresponsive to and contemptuous of the opinions of its backbenchers. So, all in all we see that a minority clique within a minority of the Labour Party with a minority public mandate is intent and able to inflict its programme of misgovernment upon us until the bitter end. In so doing it will wreak the maximum social and economic damage that time will allow.

How, given the aforementioned, has the Labour leadership decided to revitalise its disillusioned rank and file? What on Earth could possibly move them to campaign for such a blatantly undemocratic, anti-British, anti-working class party? What otherworldly superhuman powers could possibly move decent people to campaign on behalf of such a craven, corrupt, blood-soaked administration? Like many an organisation based upon faith, it has reason to resort to calling forth demons.

In this case it knows that the faithful will always respond to the call to slay the fascist beast, and the Party does not let the fact that such a creature does not exist obstruct its efforts at political mobilisation. So, the spectre of the BNP is invoked and bedecked with the mandatory accoutrements of leftist demonology: crypto-Nazism, racism, anti-Semitism, etc. From there it is but a short step to evoking the emotional resonance and warmth of memories of comrades long since fallen who fought in the international brigades and who liberated Belsen and Auschwitz. Meaning is restored to the grassroots activists who feel that their support and campaigning has taken on a noble purpose and mission. Of course, this is naught but illusion: comforting fables for the well meaning but wrong-headed, fed to them by a cynical leadership that understands and subscribes to the logic of Robert Michels's iron law of oligarchy. Thus are decent people duped and transformed into the hate-filled, bile-flecked myrmidons of UAF, Antifa and Searchlight.

What the members of the Labour leadership know and what they truly fear is this: that the members of the British National Party are (with a few exceptions, for all parties contain exceptions) not as they are portrayed. They fear the BNP not because it is a fascist party, but because its policies would exert a powerful appeal to Labour voters were they to overcome their prejudices and learn what they are. So far as I am aware, only one of the two aforementioned parties has advocated a succession of aggressive military interventions overseas (Serbia, Afghanistan and Iraq), and it is not the party conventionally labelled with the epithet of "fascist" by its many detractors. This is why Labour and their confederates in the political mainstream insist upon the "no platform" policy.

If Labour activists wish to campaign against a powerful party of vested interests which seeks to subvert democratic norms, individual rights and liberties and to wage wars of aggression, they should look a little closer to home and reconsider the lies that they have been peddled for so many years by their leaders. Slay the fascist beast! Its name is New Labour.

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