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Thursday 21 May 2009

David Miliband: a Traitor and a Fool

David Miliband is a traitor. This man is a dangerous extremist who must be removed from office. He created a team within the FCO to pump out anti-UK propaganda in order to facilitate the removal of our national sovereignty and our subsequent absorption into the EU. This in itself is treachery, but his plans for the EU and their consequences for the historic peoples of Europe are even worse.

Miliband the elder is a strong advocate of Turkish entry to the EU. He wishes to see Middle Eastern and North African Muslim states become associates of the EU, and for them to gain eventual full membership. If he is not removed, our fate will be dhimmitude. Like locusts, these hostile aliens will eat up all that is of value in our nations and transform them into unrecognisable wastelands. Our ways of life, our cultures, our freedoms, our histories shall all be destroyed. Their memories shall be execrated and erased. We as European peoples will become lesser beings in our own lands, lorded over by implacably cruel Islamic overlords who will compel us to convert or murder us in our millions. Geert Wilders knows this, as did Theo van Gogh and Pim Fortuyn. All have been slandered by the British media (particularly the BBC) as "right-wing extremists", "racists" and "fascists".

If you have ever voted for the Labour Party or are still a member, wake up! Miliband and his colleagues wish to lead us into a perpetual bondage the like of which our people have never known. The atrocities of William the Bastard would pale before those that would await us under Islamic domination. Islam divides humans into believers and non-believers, a categorisation akin to the Nazi ubermensch/untermensch or the Communist proletarian/bourgeois dichotomies. In each case, members of the former categories are given dominion over the lives and fates of members of the latter. In each instance, the second of each pairing is singled out for annihilation in a quest for ideological purity.

The difference between a moderate Muslim and a radical Muslim is nothing more than a matter of time: the former is prepared to wait to achieve domination through demographic means, whereas the latter aims to force the pace of the process through acts of political violence. The approaches therefore respectively resemble those of the Mensheviks and the Bolsheviks. Both paths lead to the same destination: the annihilation of we non-Muslims.

This terrible future is not inevitable. We can stop it peacefully, but we can only do so by first becoming aware of this threat and then taking control of our borders and giving no concessions to Islam in the UK and the other states of Europe: no more Muslim immigration; not one more mosque and no inward investment from Saudia Arabia channeled through so-called religious 'charities'. We must alter the teaching of our younger generation so that the truth about this odious anti-human ideology is known from the outset: Islam is an imperialist death cult. Islam is an enemy of reason. Islam is the scourge of women. Islam is an ideological cancer. Islam is not the answer to anything.

Watch Miliband prattle here:

See him bleat how we must "understand Islam" and respect that there are many ways of living our lives in accordance with "universal values." It matters not that what he says is nonsense, a mere act of doublethink. Of course, he does not mean "understand" in the real sense of the word; what he implies is that we should "defer to", "submit to" and "surrender to" Islam. This man is a liar. This man is a fool with no understanding of geopolitics and no respect for the indigenous citizens of the country in which he resides. He is a self-interested careerist; a dunderheaded cosmopolitan who does not understand that Islam is like cyanide: the smallest drop added to the most innocuous of drinks transforms its nature for the drinker quite radically.

He calls for a "coalition of consent" between the Islamic and non-Islamic world. This is an excursion into meaningless and dangerous fantasy. There can be only three explanations for his attitude: 1) he does not comprehend what Islam is and the deep intrinsic significance that it possesses for its adherants; 2) he is a closet Muslim convert; 3) he is an unprincipled sociopath. Then again, he could be all three. For further details, take a look at the following Times article

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