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Sunday 10 October 2010

Chris Lough delivers EDL Leicester Speech

The video below shows Chris Lough delivering his speech at yesterday’s EDL anti-Islamisation demonstration in Leicester. Listen to his words. I for one cannot hear anything in what he says that suggests that either he or the EDL are the bunch of neo-Nazis that their detractors claim they are. The simple fact of the matter is that UAF, the mainstream media and our political class lie about the EDL; they seek to stigmatise them because they are a grassroots movement which dares to speak the awkward truth about the advance of doctrinaire Islam in our country.

The organisers of UAF – the SWP – think that they can use Islamists to foment a climate of radical violence in our country with a view to undermining our state and society, thus they support them. The mainstream media are uncritical of doctrinaire Islam because its personnel are so steeped in cultural relativism as a goal rather than a method that their critical and moral faculties have become neutralised. Our mainstream politicians will not deal with the problem for a combination of reasons: fear of losing votes in constituencies with high concentrations of Muslims; uncritical adherence to cultural relativism and, lastly but by no means least, fear of radical Muslim violence were they to recognise and address the problem.


  1. Sorry Juniper but incorrect analysis.

    I find it completely offensive by the EDL to put the BNP in the same light as the UAF.


    Since when did Patriotic Nationalism become fascistic ?
    When the UAF told you it was ?


  2. Silly Kuffar, I would like to make it clear that I do not concur with the bracketing of the UAF and BNP supporters as made by Chris Lough. I think that Juniper was agreeing with my analysis of why UAF, the mainstream media and political parties loathe the EDL rather than necessarily everything that Chris Lough stated. I may be wrong, but I'll let Juniper speak for himself.

    I do not see anything wrong with patriotic nationalism. I'd class myself as a moderate nationalist i.e. I recognise for example the right of the English, the French, Germans, etc as ethnic groups to national self-determination. Without a moderate nationalism there can be no democracy. This does not imply xenophobia or hatred of anyone else, but simply the right for peoples to be able to democratically choose their own futures and way of life in their own ancestral territories. When I visit Germany or France I do so because I appreciate their national cultures and particularities. I do not wish them to become pseudo-Turkish or Algerian, just as I do not wish England to become increasingly Pakistani or Somali. Has that clarified matters to your satisfaction?


    Anger as court finds Martin Smith guilty

    by Viv Smith and Esme Choonara

    Supporters were shocked as a magistrates' court this week found leading anti-fascist Martin Smith guilty of assaulting a police officer.

    Weyman Bennett, joint national secretary of Unite Against Fascism (UAF), said after the verdict, “I’m astounded and angered. Anti-racists from Cable Street to Lewisham to our own day have faced repression from the state.

    “But we must not stop fighting racism and Nazism.

    “This is not the first time someone not guilty has been found guilty.”

    Speaking after the sentence, Martin said, “I completely deny I assaulted anybody. This is part of a bigger struggle—to defend the right to protest and to defend anti-fascism. The state is on the attack, we have to have broad unity to stop them.”

  4. Hi Durotrigan,

    I just get fed up with Nationalist Patriotism being shown or mentioned in a bad light or the BNP being mentioned in the same manner as the UAF. The EDL comment was tantamount to saying the EDL agree with the UAF about the BNP.

    I understand the EDL are not the BNP, but the EDL need to start learning whose who and whats what.

    We were up against the UAF before the EDL were even thought of yet certain members of the EDL like to bracket us in "WERE NOT THE NASTY THEM" if you get my drift.

    I apologise to Juniper, it wasn't aimed at him/her, and I'm grateful that you have allowed my comment and taken the time to reply.

    I just wish the EDL, or certain voices within the EDL would accept that we, the BNP, have virtually identical goals to the EDL. The EDL have been tarred with the exact same brush as the BNP by our enemies and must understand that to decry the BNP publicly is to support a UAF goal and is actually aiding and abetting one of the UAFs aims.

    Thanks for taking the time to reply and I know Juniper was not having a go at the BNP.
    Sometimes I should take a second or two longer to think.

    @Juniper - Apolgies for jumping in both feet first.

  5. If the BNP and the EDL would work on those very important things which are of serious importance to both, stopping islam, we would get a lot of traction. As it is both get equal lies on the MSM, both are villified by the same rightous freaks, both are labeled far right, raceist nazies and the rest. What else could they say if there really was a joint stand.
    There would or might be some things which they cant agree on but those will have to be put aside for the greater good.
    As far as I can remember the BNP has revoked the only white clause.

  6. I, for one, cannot see a political solution. Cammeraman is a signature to the uaf, and he is supposed to be centre right for heavens sake.
    We are a sick, skint country and there will be a reckoning.
    Tinderbox, every morning I wonder if today is going to be the day that it properly kicks off


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