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Monday 11 October 2010

BBC plugs ‘We are One Leicester Peace Festival’

Yesterday the BBC gave a plug to the above ‘festival’ held in Leicester following Saturday's demonstration by the EDL. As is evident from the video report below, the BBC’s claim that “Thousands of people showed their opposition to an English Defence League (EDL) protest in Leicester by holding a festival of peace in the city” seemed to be rather overstating the numbers involved.

Unsurprisingly, the so-called ‘Bard of Barking’, otherwise known as Billy Bragg, was on hand to provide out-of-tune singing and some predictable quotes for the cameras. Bragg stated “Down the generations each generation has had to confront the racists and the fascists, you know that my parents’ generation in the war, my generation in rock against racism and a new generation today with the English Defence League.”

Once again, Bragg deploys the standard smears against the EDL, claiming that they are “racists and fascists”. The BBC of course is happy to broadcast these lies as they dovetail neatly with its own deeply ingrained cultural relativist Islamoservile editorial stance. Interestingly, an online article on the event also quotes Bragg as stating:
I'm here because I am a patriot. I have come to Leicester because I care about this great, multicultural city and I am proud to be English. I wanted to come here and say it is not acceptable for anyone to use the symbols of my country to intimidate everyone else.
There you have it: Billy Bragg the lover of multicultural Leicester. Indeed, Bragg is so enamoured of the contemporary urban multicultural experience that he upped sticks from Barking and settled in Dorset. Mercifully, Dorset is still what Greg Dyke would describe as being “hideously white” or, more accurately, English. So, perhaps deep down Billy Bragg really is an English patriot acting in bad faith, which is why despite his words in praise of multiculturalism he has firmly turned his back on it in practice. When you move back to Barking or make your home in Leicester or Bradford Billy, then we may accord some credence to the cant that you currently utter.


  1. Bragg is a sympton, the cancer is those who make sure the likes of Bragg, Marr and thousands more get to spew the rightous's message.
    I can see clear blue water between those who are rightous and those who are not.
    Writing, by itself, will change nothing.

  2. From what I've been able to tell on the Green Arrow site, his place in Dorset is mostly made of wood. It would be such a shame if it went up in flames.

  3. If he loves diversity so much why chose rural Dorset as your home? What's wrong with Tower Hamlets?
    Paris Claims

  4. Off topic but wasn't sure where else to post this, but i'm curious as to your thoughts on the formation of the British Freedom Party? Cygnus.

  5. Hi Cygnus. I must apologise for not replying to any other of your comments earlier this week, but I've been very busy. Thanks for drawing my attention to the formation of the British Freedom Party. I need to look into this. I was aware that there was a 'Freedom Party' which was now closed, but was unaware of this new outfit. I'd seen some reference to such a body on the Advanced Ape blog, so assume that it is something created by BNP reformists. If it is a pro-Western, pro-British patriotic outfit embracing socially liberal values and free speech along the lines of the Dutch PVV then I very much welcome it. Watch this space, for I shall be certain to write about it tomorrow. Cheers.

  6. From the information available so far I have my own thoughts. Looking forward to reading your conclusions. Cygnus.


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