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Monday, 6 April 2009

Obama Urges the Islamisation of Europe

Following a week of savouring the fawning lickspittle attention of various EU leaders, Barack ‘Bob the Builder’ Obama today displayed his crass ignorance and overweening arrogance by telling the EU that Turkey should become a full member of the fledgling super-state. Two Obama quotations from this evening’s BBC News at 10 demonstrate the danger of this man’s thinking: “Turkish membership [of the EU] would broaden and strengthen Europe’s foundation” and “[w]e maintain our deep appreciation of the Islamic faith.” Presumably, he has never heard of Balkanisation and the bloodshed that it has engendered? What, moreover, is the nature of his "deep appreciation of the Islamic faith"? These words chilled me to the marrow. He, like our mainstream politicians, is in thrall to the lies propagated by the “diversity is strength” mantra. This is pure doublethink.

Given that the UK unfortunately remains a member of the EU and that the citizens of member states have the right to live and work where they wish within its borders, we know that our already unsustainable flood of mass immigration would turn into a deluge should Turkey join. Furthermore, a very high percentage of these immigrants would be ‘devout’ Muslims. This new wave would be radically unlike the culturally compatible East Europeans who have arrived in recent years, and would have an entirely negative effect upon our country.

The UK’s Muslim population is already growing at a rate ten times faster than that of any other group in society [1], and the accession of Turkey would rapidly accelerate this process. Given the disproportionate chilling influence that the population of 2.4 million Muslims currently exerts on our national lives and liberties, I fail to see how admitting hundreds of thousands (possibly millions) more would lessen social tensions and safeguard our freedoms. It would in all likelihood lead to intense political repression of those who object to this process, and a burgeoning confidence in the Muslim colonies that have effected this change. Our children are already taught lies about Islam being a 'religion of peace' which soften them up for later conversion or subjugation. If Islamisation is not halted and reversed, it will lead to the extinction of individual liberties, independent thought and the rights of women in the UK and other European countries.

Kemal Atatürk may have done his best to build the Turkish state upon secular nationalist foundations, and many Turks still share and vigorously support his vision, but Turkish society is deeply cleft between the defenders of Atatürk’s legacy and the proponents of Islamic reaction. Chief amongst the threats to the secular Turkish constitution is the APK led by Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, who in recent years stated that “[d]emocracy is the train that we shall ride to our destination.” Just which destination is that? A sharia-governed Islamic state of course.

David Miliband has made it clear that not only would he like to see Turkey join the EU, but he would also like the states of North Africa and the Middle East to become members. If this were to happen, our last vestiges of freedom would be well and truly snuffed out, as Europe’s population and political institutions would be overwhelmed by the Islamic demographic tide. It would be a case of submit, fight or flee. No wonder Miliband has his very own propaganda unit within the FCO, which, according to one insider, was established "to combat the negative stance taken by sections of the UK media towards the EU [2]." As the Russian saying has it, "a fish rots from the head down", and the stench of decay under the Labour administration stinks to high heaven. We are living under a Government which appears to be intent upon the self-liquidation of national sovereignty.

Obama’s attitude towards Turkey underlines the urgency of the need for the UK to leave the EU. Contrary to what Obama says, Islam and the West do not possess “common values.” More Muslims in Europe will mean more intimidation of, more violence towards and more displacement of indigenous Europeans.

We have seen what happened to Serbia. Would the US and its allies at some future date be prepared to destroy a nationalistically inclined UK or other independent European state that sought to break away from the Islamising nightmare that Washington and Brussels wish to unleash upon us? In the EU elections on 4 June this year, there is only one option: vote BNP to preserve national sovereignty and halt Islamisation.

[1] Muslim population 'rising 10 times faster than rest of society', January 30, 2009

[2] Confidential personal communication.

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