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Thursday 17 March 2011

Green Breast emerges from Keighley's Ghousia Mosque

Keighley, already home to the lowering presence of the recently built child-beating facility (see clip from Dispatches ‘Lessons in Hate’ documentary below) called the Markazi Jamia Mosque, large enough to accommodate 3,000 worshipping child-beaters, will shortly be joined by another factory of hate on Skipton Road. Draped in tarpaulins, the green dome of the Ghousia Mosque emerges from the drapes like a cheeky pert breast from beneath a burqa. When completed, the new mosque will be able to accommodate 400 worshippers. Like the Markazi Jamia, the Ghousia is affiliated to the ‘British’ Muslim Forum and represents the Bareilvi Sunni sect.

The construction of this mosque so soon after the Markazi Jamia, painfully illustrates the ultra-rapid growth of the Muslim population in Keighley. This is not good news for local people, already victims of Muslim paedophile pimps and depressed property prices generated by the burgeoning Muslim presence. However, for those of you looking to move but not wishing to leap blindly from the frying pan into the fire, there is an excellent online facility where you can check that you’re not buying in an area with a large Muslim presence: UK Mosque Searcher.

The UK Mosque Searcher provides a rough guide to areas to avoid, by showing where all of the UK’s existing mosques as well as those under construction are located. The presence of a mosque, as well as its size and type, serves as a good proxy measure for an area’s Islamisation. The UK Mosque Searcher allows you to search for neighbourhoods less at risk from Muslim paedophile pimping and also less vulnerable to declining property values generated by the presence of Muslim colonies. Fed up with scowling faces and verbal abuse hurled at you in ‘community’ languages? Why not use the UK Mosque Searcher to aid your relocation to what remains of England? Go on, give it a try!


  1. That's used to be my mosque... not quite. But I lived within a stone's throw of it for about ten years.

    Keighley is a microkosm of all that's bad about Islam in the UK. It's population is under 100,000, yet it has at least three Muslim ghettoes, a history of Muslim gang war, a massive problem with the Drugs Jihad (primarily crack) against white people from the estates, grooming, pimping, etc.

    My mate and neighbour's girlfriend, for example, gave birth to a half-Pakistani child. The Muslim, by them, was nowhere to be seen. A lot of the white girls, to be honest, see these Muslim youths as 'cool' and 'dangerous'. My mate, American Dan, wasn't too happy when 'his' baby turned out to have brown skin(he's ginger!).

  2. Keighley is pretty grim. The Markazi Jamia Mosque even has its own halal Asda directly opposite. Dreadful. Sorry to hear about your mate's girlfriend. I think that some of the English girls in Keighley must have been brainwashed into embracing 'diversity' (literally) by their schoolteachers. This makes it appear 'cool' for them to befriend Muslim 'victims'. Shocking.

  3. Speaking of paedophilia, the world's biggest paedophile ring was busted the other day. The leader and the guy who ran the internet portal was "Dutchman" Amir Ish-Hurwitz. Says it all really.

  4. Thanks for the comment Thomas. I'll take a look into this story tomorrow evening.

  5. I do not know whether you have seen this article which criticizes the doubling of aid to Pakistan. This is a double whammy to the British people because you are already supporting a large parasitic Muslim population in UK whose women breed like sows.
    Cardinal O’Brien criticized the decision of the British government to double aid to Pakistan to £ 445 million. The cardinal said that the aid provided to Pakistan should be conditional upon receiving guarantees of religious freedom for Christians. He added that “giving aid to Pakistan where religious freedom is not upheld and where those who speak up for religious freedom are gunned down is tantamount to an anti-Christian foreign policy.”
    Read more at Suite101: Cardinal Attacks UK Government over Foreign Aid to Pakistan
    P.S. If you have already read it please disregard this article.

  6. That Dutch paedophile ring is different from the Muslim ones in the North West.These gangs are made up of family and neighbours - literally! Non-Muslim paedos, usually, have to search out other ones in order to form 'gangs'. The terrible thing is that a sizable group of Muslims, all from the same area and the same families, all 'embraced' paedophilia together. That can only lead you to the conclusion that they didn't really think that they were doing wrong - by Islamic standards. That is, non-Muslim girls were simply Islamic 'booty' to them - almost less than human. The equivalent of slave 'grooming' in the Koran!

    In other words, most kuffar paedos are sad individuals, even if they do seek out others. These Muslims didn't need to seek out other groomers; they appear to have been surrounded by Muslims with exactly the same vices. So, again, this is a question of culture - Muslim culture, not a case of sick individuals, as with non-Muslim paedos.

  7. The case sounds epically sick EDLE. I've not had a chance to look into the story yet, but thanks for your perspective on this incident. You are of course right in noting that paedophiles within our own society (i.e. non-Muslim) are sick, isolated individuals who are almost universally reviled, whereas mainstream Islamic culture sanctions this crime.

  8. EDL extra, the koran says all men in the immediate family of a girl, probably from birth upwards, and including father, uncles, grandfather, brothers and cousins, may have sexual intercourse with her. The men OWN the women.Forget about virginity. they will then kill her to get rid of the evidence.

  9. Jimmy Saville was not a Muslim. Any kiddie killers are not Muslim. The point is the religion has been changed and misinterpreted by sick white people. The religion punishes and does not allow SEX be marriage and only with whom your married to..........
    P's I have mates from all backgrounds also I'm a Muslim but not the one being changed by others the one which guides you to the love and care no matter of colour or religion.


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