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Wednesday, 23 June 2010

German Jews Get Stoned

Over at the Winds of Jihad blog, it has been reported that a group of ‘youths’ (ah, how innocent sounding!) showed their cultural appreciation of a Jewish dance group in Hanover last Saturday by showering them with stones yelling “Jews out!” White supremacist skinheads? Oh really, you are naïve! The stone throwers were Arabs and Turks. Hey, Labour leadership hopefuls, do you still want Turkey in the EU?! Do you hear us? We don't.

We peoples in Europe have had enough of this barbarism. Here is a message in cartoon form for all who continue to believe that the teachings of a seventh-century fanatic should determine or inform how people live:


  1. Diversity = Divide and Rule.

    The Romans did it. 'Our' (sic) Empire did it. Stalin did it.

    And sadly, it does work in the short term. That is until the authorities lose their authority and civil war breaks out.

    Of course, that is when they flock to the furthest nation leaving the rest of their 'charge' in the brownstuff.

    Great picture by the way - have saved that for future use.

  2. Alas, the Con-dems are diversity fanatics too. Predictably, the BBC started to rattle on about the 'necessity' for mass immigration again yesterday to pay for people's pensions (groan), and I suspect that their favoured kind of people for this job would be Turks or some other Muslim composite horde.

    I agree - it's a great cartoon. I might feature it as a regular accompaniment to stories featuring setbacks for Mohammedans across Europe.

  3. I am a secular Muslim living in Vancouver. If you are sincere about this have ever thought what Turkey will become if you keep it Out of Europe? You will further help the Islamisation of the country. Today Turkey is under the threat of an Islamist S.O.B despot who is working hard to convert the republic to an Islamic state by demolishing secularism and by crashing its secular people who just do not want an Islamic was of life We are all witnessing the PEACEFUL RESISTANCE of the Occupy Gezi Protesters. So if you file all Muslims under the same HATE SPEECH ( which even as a Muslim I share most of it as I hate FUNDAMENTALISTS in any religion) you are really helping fanatic islam to spread.. If you really want to stop this wawe which is a threat to the world ( Look what they have done to Turkey) ; then these arrogant FUNDAMENTALISTS who wants to impose their ways of living to everyone will win this war. Please play a smarter game this one wont help you..


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